November 29, 2023 Meeting Minutes

Crawford County Land Reutilization Corporation minutes November 29, 2023

The meeting was called to order at 3pm by chairwoman Cindy Edwards.
Present were Cindy Edwards, Barb McCullough, Jennifer Kuns, Jeff Reser, John Rostash, Kevin Myers, Eric Baldinger, Doug Weisenauer, Linda Horning Pitt, David Zak and Larry Schmidt.
The minutes from the previous meeting was distributed for review. Jennifer Kuns moved with a second by Jeff Reser to approve the minutes, motion passed.
Kevin Myers moved with a second by Doug Weisenauer to approve the financial report, motion passed.
The bills to be paid were discussed. Doug Weisenauer moved with a second by Kevin Myers to approve the bills for payment, motion passed.
The Bank Reconciliation report was distributed for board members signature.
Old Business;
The progress of demolition for the Ice plant, east school and east Perry Street properties were discussed.
Potential projects for 2024 were discussed in order to start a list for consideration.
Requests for quotes from potential consultants to work with us will be sent to several companies for the next round of demolition and revitalization.
New Business;
Future grants possibilities were discussed.
Three properties in Liberty Township were discussed. 4604 Paris, 4632 ST. Rt. 98 and 3475 Ridgeton Rd. The committee felt that the potential to revitalize the neighborhood would not be achieved if the property owners retained ownership. The committee felt that the Township Trustees and the Fire Chief already have the right to proceed with demolition and it should be left to the township since the land would not be turned over to new owners.
A 2024 budget proposal was presented for review. Doug Weisenauer moved with a second by Kevin Myers to approve the budget as proposed, motion passed.
Doug Weisenauer moved with a second by Kevin Myers to adjourn, motion passed.
The next meeting will be December 27th at 3pm.

Doug Weisenauer, Secretary