Wednesday August 23, 2023 Meeting Minutes

Crawford County Land Reutilization Corporation Minutes
Wednesday August 23, 2023 at 3:00 pm
Meeting called to order by Chairwoman Cindy Edwards at 3:01 pm
Present: Kevin Myers, John Rostash, Mayor Jeff Reser, Cindy Edwards, Barb McCullough, Comm. Tim Ley, Eric Baldinger, Jennifer Ku├čns, Randy Fisher.
Kevin Myers motion and second by Jeff Reser to approve the minutes from last meeting. Minutes were passed out and read. Motion passed
Barb introduced to everyone the Financial Reports for review and discussed. Eric Baldinger motioned with Jeff Reser seconded to accept Financial report as presented. Motion Passed
Barb presented the bills to be paid with discussion on the bills also the bank reconciliation report was read by Barb, reviewed and signatures obtained. Kevin Myers motioned and second by Eric B. The vote held and Motion Passed.

Barb M. gave the update on the East School project in Galion.
Update on the Asbestos's Inspection was the water pumped out of the basement showed NO Asbestos in the basement area.
Perry St. updates and discussion with the deed recorded at Courthouse as well as the deed to the 235 S. Jefferson Galion property was also recorded. Demo issue was taken under advisement.

The new Brownfield Grant application Process was explained for year 2024 by Barb M.
Discussion on New Projects to be listed for this Grant with Eric B. stating different properties in Galion that would be well suited for this grant.
Liberty Township issue regarding several properties in Sulphur Springs was discussed as the properties requiring deed transfers with owners.
Next meeting will be September 27, 2023 at 3:00 pm
Adjournment motion by Kevin Myers with second by Eric B., adjourned at 3:44 pm

Taken By: Tim Ley
County Commissioner