May 25, 2023 Meeting Minutes

 Thursday MAY 25, 2023 at 3:00 pm 

Meeting called to order by Chairwoman Cindy Edwards at 3:04 pm 

Present: Kevin Myers , John Rostash, Mayor Jeff Reser, Cindy Edwards, Barb McCullough,  Comm. Tim Ley, Eric Baldinger, David Zak, Randy Fisher. 

Kevin Myers motion and second by Eric Baldinger to approve the minutes from last meeting April 2023 . Minutes were passed out and read. Motion passed  

Barb introduced to everyone the Financial Reports for review. Mayor Reser motioned with  Kevin Myers the second to accept Financial report as presented. Motion Passed  

Barb presented the bills to be paid with discussion on the bills also the bank reconciliation  report was read by Barb, reviewed and signatures obtained. Eric B. motioned and second by  Kevin M. The vote held and Motion Passed.  


Barb stated that the E. Perry St. project, behind Kroger store, will also be known as Koons Dry  Cleaning Project. Insurance issue was discussed with Kevin M. stating to the board the Land  Bank could not insure the property as we do not own it, but could be listed on our liability  policy. 

Barb recommended the Board review the Policy & Procedure language stating that in January  each year the annual report to be presented will need to be changed to the April meeting  discussion held. Mayor Reser motioned and Tim L. second to change language, vote held and  motion passed. 


Barb stated she & Cindy met with Annie Carter regarding paperwork to be signed on the East  School Demo project deadline being June 12. The board will hold her matching funds in  Escrow.  

John Rostash was asked to have the Bid Packet banner to taken off website and add the bid  proposal list. John stated he would do so.  

Bid proposals for the Ice Plant and East School demo projects were passed out by Barb.  Discussion was held on this issue. Barb stated the top bidder was interviewed by her, Cindy,  and Burgess & Niple, getting references as well. References were all contacted and positive,  except for one stating they felt excessive change orders were a problem on their project.  Discussion continued on the water in basement of East school being pumped out and tested  as well. This would be the alternate bid proposal received on top of the demo bid.  

Motion by Mayor Reser to accept Demo bids as presented with bid award to Advanced  Demolition Services of McComb, Ohio second by Kevin Myers. Roll call vote was held with 4  YES and 1 NO verbal vote results. Motion passed. 

Discussion on 235 S. Jefferson St. Galion to be donated to Land Bank for demo and property  given to End User, the neighbor. He stated he would like to have it as he has been mowing  property for some time now as it is vacant and dangerously dilapidated. Eric Baldinger will  look into getting in touch with property owner and title search will be completed. Kevin M.  motioned that we research property and attempt to secure the Deed with second by Mayor  Reser, Motion carried.  

Next meeting will be JUNE 22, 2023 at 3:00 pm 

Adjournment motion by Kevin Myers with second by Eric B., adjourned at 3:35 

Taken By: Tim Ley 

 County Commissioner