April 27, 2023 Meeting Minutes

Crawford County Land Reutilization Corporation Minutes April 27, 2023

The meeting was called to order by Vice Chair Jennifer Kuns at 3pm.

Present were Jennifer Kuns, Barb McCullough, John Rostash, Eric Baldinger, Jeff Reser, Tim Ley, Doug Weisenauer and David Zak.

The minutes of the March 9th meeting was distributed for review. Tim Ley moved with a second by Eric Baldinger to approve the minutes, motion passed.

The Financial report was distributed for review, Jeff Reser moved with a second by Tim Ley to approve the financial report, motion passed.

The Bills to be paid were discussed and a motion to pay the bills was made by Eric Baldinger. The motion was seconded by Tim Ley, motion passed.

The Bank Reconciliation report was distributed for board members signatures.

Old Business;

Demolition bid notifications were sent to potential bidders as well as being advertised on bid Express and the Telegraph Forum.

A mandatory pre-bid meeting was held on April 17 with a good turn out of perspective bidders for the Galion East School and the Bucyrus Ice Plant. Bids will be received until May 10th at 4pm.

Possession has not been finalized for East Perry Street property yet. A letter of intent from Bucyrus City Council is forthcoming. Our lawyer is processing documents in Probate Court.

New Business;

A letter has been received from a Galion property owner requesting the Land Bank take property for demolition. The properties will be taken under consideration. A Bucyrus property was discussed, it is currently working thru the sale process.

The City of Galion will Vacate the alley behind the East School in order for demolition to proceed.

The annual 2022 financial report will be Emailed out to members for review.

It was brought to the boards attention that the By Laws require member officers to be reappointed at the January meeting. Jeff Reser moved with a second by Tim Ley to nominate the current slate of officers to another term beginning in January of 2023, motion passed.

Our Bylaws were discussed pertaining to meeting schedule. Some thoughts were discussed to update the bylaws.

Property located at 130 South Main Street in Tiro was discussed. Doug Weisenauer moved with a second by Eric Baldinger for the Land Bank to take position of the property then donate the property to the village of Tiro, motion passed.

Doug Weisenauer moved with a second by Eric Baldinger to adjourn, motion passed. Next meeting will be May 25th.

Doug Weisenauer, Secretary