July 13, 2022 Meeting Minutes

 Chairwoman Cindy Edwards called a special meeting of the Land Bank committee to order to discuss the
Brownfield demolition projects grant application status at 3:03pm.
In attendance were; Cindy Edwards, Barb McCullough, Linda Horning Pitt, Erin Stine, Randy Fisher, Eric
Baldinger, Kevin Myers, Jeff Reser, Tim Ley and Doug Weisenauer.
Discussion took place on three of the properties that have been applied for; East School, East Perry
Street, and the Ice Plant. The property taxes due, disposition of property during and after demo, Liability
insurance and owner meetings for agreement signatures.
Kevin Myers moved with a second by Eric Baldinger to allow Barb McCullough and Cindy Edwards the
authority to negotiate with and enter into written agreements with the property owners to address any
issues that may arise in order to facilitate the needs of the demolition grants. Motion passed.
Kevin Myers moved with a second by Jeff Reser to allow Cindy Edwards to sign the necessary grant
documents to secure the demolition contracts.
Eric Baldinger moved with a second by Tim Ley to adjourn, motion carried.
Next regular meeting will be July 27 th at 3pm.

Doug Weisenauer, secretary