Crawford County Land Reutilization Corporation minutes November 24, 2021

The meeting was called to order by Chairwoman Cindy Edwards at 3pm.

Present were; Cindy Edwards, Kevin Myers, Tim Ley, Bob Johnston, Jeff Reser, Doug Weisenauer, Eric Baldinger, Landon Hill, Gary Frankhouse and Judge Shane Leuthold.

The minutes of the October 27thmeeting was distributed for review, Kevin Myers moved with a second by Tim Ley to approve the minutes, motion passed.

The financial report was reviewed. Doug Weisenauer moved with a second by Kevin Myers to approve the financial report, motion passed.

The bills to be paid were reviewed. Doug Weisenauer moved with a second by Kevin Myers to pay the bills, motion passed.

There was no bank reconciliation report to review.

Old Business;

205 Dudley Street.

Judge Leuthold described the training program he would like to begin in Municipal Court for those cited in his court. The property would be donated to  the  Land Bank by the current owner then the court would be responsible to renovate the home while teaching trade skills. Cindy Edwards will check with the prosecutor and liability insurance coverage.

Kevin Myers moved with a second by Tim Ley to proceed with the property renovation plan for municipal court pending insurance and ownership issues can be resolved with the prosecutor, motion passed.

Gary Frankhouse gave an update for the brownfield grant. The final guidance is still not approved, possibly December more information will be available. Possible projects throughout the county were discussed.

Mayor Jeff Reser said that the old Freddie's restaurant will be demolished by another entity and the Ice plant will wait for the Brownfield grant.

The website for the Landbank was discussed. John Rostash has made some updates and several other updates are still being addressed.

Bucyrus City is working with a property owner near the old city water treatment plant on Lane St. The property is in a flood plane and is the only residential property remaining after the last flood. A FEMA grant is available with matching funds. Tim Ley moved with a second by Doug Weisenauer to reimburse Bucyrus up to $25,000 for demolition and acquisition cost as we have done for Galion earlier on another project. Motion passed with members from Bucyrus abstaining.

Jeff Reser moved with a second by Bob Johnston to adjourn, motion passed at 3:25. Next meeting will be on January 26th.

Doug Weisenauer, Secretary