June 23, 2021Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by Chairwoman Cindy Edwards at 3:05 pm

Present: Mayor Linda Pitt, Kevin Myers , John Rostash, Eric Baldinger, Mayer Resser, Cindy Edwards, Barb McCullough, Comm. Tim Ley, guest John Wise.

Kevin Myers motion and second by Mayor Resser to approve the minutes from last meeting May 26, 2021. Motion p[assed

Barb introduced to everyone the Financial Reports for review. Kevin moved to accept and second the Mayor Resser. Motion Passed

Barb presented the bills to be paid with discussion on the bills also the bank reconciliation report was read by Barb, reviewed and signatures obtained. Kevin moved to accept the billing and the financial report, second by Mayor Resser. Motion Passed.


Barb stated that new owners or property on Riblet St Galion. Need the have more information on recent transaction with land that an owner is requesting on the lots at 330 W. Railroad St, Galion was discussed.


John Wise introduced to speak to Board concerning 822 Woodlawn requests to purchased lots, application process was explained to John.

Discussion on the Poison Hemlock growing in area.

Barb reading the CPC recent Decision by Judge Sean Leuthold concerning 1160 Whetstone St. with order of the lot to be turned over to City of Bucyrus.

Kevin Meyers inquiring about the status of land the Land Bank owns at 217 W. Mansfield St., being a green space lot that house was torn down last year.

Discussion on the Water Street Lot status to be given to City of Bucyrus.

Motion by Tim Ley and second by Kevin Meyers to Adjourn at 3:50 pm. Motion Passed.