October 28, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Chairwoman Cindy Edwards called the meeting to order at 3:03pm
Present were members Cindy Edwards, manager Barb McCullough, Jennifer Kuns, Bob Johnston, Kevin Myers, Tim Ley and Doug Weisenauer.
Representative for Bucyrus City Landyn Hill, Galion City Eric Baldinger and Village of Crestline Mayor Linda Pitt and John Rostash.
The minutes from the September 23rd meeting was distributed for review. Kevin Myers moved with a second by Tim Ley to approve the minutes, motion passed.
The financial report was distributed for review. Jennifer Kuns moved with a second by Kevin Myers to approve the financial report, motion passed.
The bills to be paid were discussed. Doug Weisenauer moved with a second by Kevin Myers to pay the bills, motion passed.
Managers’ report;
No activity to report this month.
Old business;
GT Environmental notified the Land Bank they are withdrawing their offer of gas station cleanup. GT is no longer doing that type of work.
Applications are being accepted for the Phenix project. Kevin Myers moved with a second by Tim Ley that the manager select a small committee to review the applications and make recommendations to the full board. Motion passed.
A certificate for a clean audit was received from the State of Ohio.
The property in Sulphur Springs was discussed. The owner is still unwilling to give up ownership to the Land Bank.
New Business;
It was decided the November meeting date would be November 18th at 3pm.
Bob Johnston moved with a second by Jennifer Kuns to adjourn, motion passed at 3:20pm.

Doug Weisenauer, Secretary